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for final year students
by Admin User - Monday, 4 November 2019, 3:11 PM

Please consider the attached CV Format and fill your details on it (Please ignore the previous uploaded CVs).

Convert yours’ CVs to the PDF version and Use the following link to upload it.


Submit your details on or before 10th November 2019.

You are able to update your uploaded CV with your completed qualifications in future.


Dr. Jayarani Ramawickrama,

Internship Coordinator,

Faculty of Management and Finance,

University of Ruhuna.

04. 11. 2019

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Calling applications for Orator Competition-2019
by Menaka Gamage - Thursday, 31 October 2019, 10:28 AM

Theme: Media : gatekeepers of democracy or parasites on social turmoil.

  • Competition is open for all undergraduate students in Management faculty.
  • Competition is conducted in Sinhala, English and Tamil mediums.
  • Deadline for calling application is 08. November 2019.
  • Contact: Faculty coordinator, Mrs. Menaka Gamage, 0776101009 
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Re-establishment of the IT society
by Admin User - Monday, 28 October 2019, 2:56 PM

The students who are interested in, please be present at MFLT 7 at 12.00 noon on 29th October 2019 for the re-establishment of the IT society.

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Develop your career as a Tax officer
by Jayampathi Kumasaru - Monday, 28 October 2019, 9:48 AM

Dear Students,

Career Guidance Unit of the UoR together with the Institution of Taxation organize a workshop for you to aware about how to develop your future career as a tax officer.

Date: 30th October 2019

Time: 9.00 am to 12.00 noon

Venue: Management faculty premises (MFLT -03)

(Refeshments will be given)

All student attached to the department of Accounting and Finance are welcome for this workshop.


Jayampathi kumasaru

Faculty Representative for CGU.

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by Jayampathi Kumasaru - Monday, 28 October 2019, 8:40 AM

All First year undergraduates,

The institue of CIMA will organize a special workshop for you on personality development and corporate etiquette.

Date: 30th October 2019

Time: 1.00 pm to 4.00 pm

Venue: Management  Faculty premises

All student in the first year are welcome for this workshop. This will provide you with understand how to develop your personality to meet the industry needs.


Jayampathi Kumasaru 

Faculty Representative for CGU.

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Registration for the End Semester Examination - 2019 December - Repeat Students
by Deans Office - Thursday, 24 October 2019, 8:46 AM

සියලුම පුනර් සිසුන්ගේ දැනගැනීම සඳහා

අවසාන සමාසික පරීක්ෂණ සඳහා ලියාපදිංචි වීම


කළමනාකරණ හා මූල්‍ය පීඨයේ 1000, 2000  ස්ථලයන් හි දෙවන සමාසිකය හා 3000, 4000 ස්ථලයන් හි පළමු සමාසික අවසන් පරීක්ෂණ  2019.12.02  දින සිට පැවැත්වීමට නියමිතව ඇති බැවින් අවසන් සමාසික පරීක්ෂණ සඳහා  පෙනීසිටීමට අවශ්‍ය පුණර් ස...

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for 4000 level students
by Admin User - Wednesday, 23 October 2019, 1:55 PM

Dear Students,
We are going to create a pool of curriculum vitae of the 4000 level students in the faculty of Management and Finance for the support of internship purpose. I inform to the all 4000 level students to create your curriculum vitae using the given format and send its PDF version to the given e-mail address before 30 th October 2019.E-mail address:

Faculty Internship Coordinator,
Dr. Jayarani Ramawickrama
Senior Lecturer 
Department of Management and Entrepreneurship
Faculty of Management and Finance
University of Ruhuna
23. 10.2019

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Classroom Test - FDN 1203 Introduction to Computer Applications
by Chandana Pushpakumara - Wednesday, 23 October 2019, 1:50 PM

Classroom Test will be held on 28th Monday 2019 from 9.00 am to 10.00 am. The test is one hour practical test based on preparation of MS Word document.